Cranberry Spiced Tea - Loose Leaf 8 oz.

Cranberry Spiced Tea - Loose Leaf 8 oz.

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Flavored Tea Loose Leaf Tea

8oz = .50lb

Use the following directions to make the perfect cup of tea!

  1. Measure accurately. Use 1 teaspoon to every 5-7 oz of water. As dry tea leaves vary in density you may want to use 2 teaspoons for larger leaf varieties such as Greens and Oolongs. If you are brewing for iced tea use 1 oz per gallon.
  2. Use cold, filtered water. If filtered water is not available, let the cold water tap run for a moment before filling your kettle.
  3. Add tea leaves to a teapot or infuser, or brew tea through your coffee brewer using two filters for better extraction.
  4. Different water temperatures are required for brewing different teas. Pour boiling water directly over Black and Herbal teas, allow water to cool for a few minutes before making Green, Oolong and Darjeeling teas.
  5. Steeping times will vary. The best way to find the perfect steeping time is to experiment with your favorite tea.
  6. If you prefer strong tea do not steep the tea longer, simply add more leaves.

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