Food Smoker (Matte Black)
Food Smoker (Matte Black)
Food Smoker (Matte Black)

Food Smoker (Matte Black)

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Portable Food Infusion Smoker 


  • Infuse everything from meats and cheese to craft cocktails and crudités with a rich , smoky flavor!
  • Designed to be used with classic smokehouse woods including hickory, cherry, mesquite, and more. 
  • Natural wood chips are a safe upgrade to artificial flavors abs chemicals 

To Use

  • Place 4-AA batteries in the designated slots.
  • Seal desired smoking space with a bowl or storage container.
  • Place the nozzle inside the desired smoking space abs allow smoke to fill the space 2-3 minutes.
  • Extinguish the fire, turn off the smoker and  enjoy your smoky delight. 

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