No Bitchin' in my Kitchen... Tea Towel

No Bitchin' in my Kitchen... Tea Towel

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This is a nicely sized large 100% cotton flour sack towel (approx. 27 ” x27″). Beautifully hemmed on all sides with a hanging loop.
These dish towels are durable and functional.

The handmade quality of these towels assures that each one is unique. Slight variations are possible given that these are handmade.

** As with the nature of any flour sack towel, they can be perfectly imperfect. They are naturally soft and wrinkly and will soften further and absorb better with each wash. So perfect for your oven handle, lining your bread basket, or folded neatly at the dinner table.

Care: For best results, cold wash and tumble dry low. Do not bleach.

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