Keto Corn Chips
Keto Corn Chips

Keto Corn Chips

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Half a pound of crunchy, corny goodness. No one has ever mistaken a corn chip as a low calorie food, until now. Our low carb, fat free, high protein chip is freak’in delicious! Seriously, after just one bite it will be the only chip that you will want to eat, regardless if your on a diet or not. Isn’t it a bother when you dip a chip into your favorite dip only to come up empty handed because the chip broke off? A Smart Chip is perfect for a heavily loaded nacho gala. Our Smart Chips won’t get soggy or break off easily.. Your gonna love these all natural chips.

Digestibility-Corrected explains how much the body may digest of carbohydrates or fats. The FDA adopted this term into the Code of Federal Regulations. Labels with this Symbol indicate that not all carbs and fats may be digested. If you require higher amounts of calories look for food labels without this symbol.

Ingredients: Premium White Dent Whole Corn, Water, Canola Oil, Salt, WiO Fat Blocker® (Chiral hydrophilic polysaccharide plant extract), WiO Macro Carbohydrate Enzyme Inhibitor® (Cissus veldt grape extract), Natural Preservatives: Acetic acid (bacterial fermented vinegar concentrate), Lactic acid (milk acid concentrate).

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