Ma Deuce Steak Seasoning-Grill Your A#$ Off

Ma Deuce Steak Seasoning-Grill Your A#$ Off

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Ma Deuce Steak Seasoning is formulated with a pinch of gunpowder from each .50 cal round sent downrange. This seasoning features a larger granulated base to give you the bold flavor you desire on your steak. With this ultimate steak seasoning, you can go ahead and bitch slap the one who grabs the steak sauce.

Aside from traditional barbecue rubs, you can use our seasoning to prepare meat for any dish. Use it as part of a marinade for your tougher cuts of meat before tossing them into a slow cooker or add a dash of flavor to your sirloin roast. Whether you’re a professional chef or a weekend cook, this spice blend will turn anything you make into a delectable masterpiece.

Made In Texas

Veteran Owned 

MSG Free

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