Wine/Sommelier Sippy Cup
Wine/Sommelier Sippy Cup

Wine/Sommelier Sippy Cup

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Reale’s tableware is made of safe biomass plastics that use antibacterial and antivirus raw materials (patent) containing more than 52% of Japanese bamboo. The products can tolerate microwaves and dishwashers. Comes in specialty gift box. Available in white, blue, and pink.

Wine glass sippy cup; W7.7φ×H14×D6.5cm /85g;
(1) Raw materials - kind to the environment - using more than 52% of domestic bamboo, and new materials that unite with existing plastic materials.
(2) Demand of safety - no harm to the human body - bamboo materials with natural origins that have a high anti-bacterial effect, and is clear in it's origin. A garuantee of the highest safety and quality after being used by infants.
(3) Feel amd functionality - light/durable/strong - through using naturally raw bamboo materials, it as a natual feel unobtainable by the general petroleum based plastic/an easy feel on the mouth is one of the many realisations. With lightness, durability, strength etc, it is possible to make tableware with high functionality. Able to use in a dishwashing machine or microwave. ※Tritan glass cannot be used in dishwashing machines or microwaves.
(4) Designability - a design of love and kindness - when you want to design tableware that will bring an exuberant and fun feel to the dining table where the family gathers, plan a design with a designer team with kids from the point of view of mum and dad. Form tableware filled with affection and kindness that is easy to use for small children and adults alike.

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